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Free Afternoon Movies

Free Afternoon Movies

Tuesday, December 4
2:00pm to 4:00pm
Mary J. Benson Branch

Holiday Time 

December 4        HOLIDAY AFFAIR   (1949)    1 hr and 27 min.

Just before Christmas, department store clerk Steve Mason [Robert Mitchum] meets big spending customer Connie Ennis [Janet Leigh], who is buying a model train set—but is really a commercial spy. He unmasks her but lets her go, which gets him fired. They end up on a date, which doesn't sit well with Connie's steady suitor, Carl [Wendell Corey], but delights her son Timmy [Gordon Gebert], who doesn't want Carl for a step-dad. But the course of love is seldom smooth...

The baby picture on the wall of Timmy is a picture of the actor Gordon Gebert as a baby. Janet Leigh was only 14 years older than the boy who played her son. Producer/Director Don Hartman does a Hitchcock-like cameo as a man leaving a phone booth.