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Free Afternoon Movie

Free Afternoon Movie

Tuesday, September 3
2:00pm to 4:00pm
Mary J. Benson Branch

Fun With Marchers To Different Drummers

September 3    Being There   (1979) 2 hrs 10 min. at the Mary J Benson Branch

Simple-minded gardener Chance (Peter Sellers) has spent all his life in the Washington D.C. home of an old man. When the man dies, Chance is put out on the street with no knowledge of the world except what he’s learned from television. He ends up a guest of Eve (Shirley MacLaine) and her husband Ben (Melvyn Douglas), an influential but sickly businessman, and an unlikely career path follows.

Melvyn Douglas won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, and Peter Sellers was nominated for a Best Actor Oscar. It took Sellers nine years to get this movie made because his career had hit rock bottom and no studio in Hollywood would work with him. After the success of the Pink Panther movies, Lorimar Pictures greenlit this film. Sellers patterned the voice for Chance the gardener after his idol Stan Laurel.